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The 10 things every mother needs to make life easier

I wrote a blog post about things your baby doesn’t need a while back. So, I thought I should share the 10 things that every mother needs that will make your life easier.

Updated on the 8th August 2020

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission.

Sure the advice and help from a strong support system are vital as a new mom or if you have a little one. Below are the things I couldn’t go without at all…especially with my little growing up so fast.

1. Baby videos / sing-a-longs

I thank God for YouTube. I used to be that person who swore never to let my child watch TV or have a phone…but not in this age as a young working mother. Yes, a lot of parents may not see this as a lifesaver but it certainly gave me some downtime.

I’ve come to realise that in this digital age, children will get exposed to all sort of media platforms and gadgets. So, I decided that the best way to mitigate the effects of screen time was to choose the content my child views.

And I’m not saying just drop a phone in their laps for hours on end just to keep them pre-occupied.

Choose educational videos that will help them with vocabulary and other skills. Playtime is just as important. It’s better if you also learn the words so that you can sing-a-long with little one without the gadget.

2. Stroller/pram

Photo by Tobias Flyckt on Unsplash

What would walks be without the beloved stroller? Mother and baby walks are the best. Kids love adventure. And frankly, so do I.

A time out got my little one in a state of pure joy. Just to get some fresh air, out the house was the best. Keep in mind she is busier and bigger, and not so easy to carry around. That’s why you absolutely need a stroller.

You have peace of mind and your little is safe and in comfort. There are endless options in the market, so go for one that suits your needs.

3. A colouring book and crayons

Now, this has been both great and a nightmare considering the fact that she uses the wall as her canvas. Children have very short attention spans, so it’s important to keep them occupied with things that are not only fun but have an educational element to them. You are never too young to start learning.

This fun set of colouring books will keep your little busy for a while. And who says there’s a right and wrong way of holding a pencil anyway? This is the best form of art for any two-year-old.

NOTE: Most of the artwork may take place on your wall or bedding, or anything really.

4. Exercise

Now this one is more for me. But because she mimics me a lot, she loves working out. I’ve got two yoga mats (she loves the purple one) so we can workout together. For her, it’s mostly just jumping about and bending but she enjoys it none the less.

Even though she doesn’t know it yet, exercise is good for you. As a new mother, exercise keeps me in shape to run around after her. And because I’m her biggest example it keeps me on my toes.

I dare not stop working out, lest my work out partner feels let down. Good lessons while keeping her busy. Gives me a chance to get in the much-needed workout.

We love soccer! Now this one was a surprise even to me. Even before she could hold or kick a ball, it was a point of fascination for her. She absolutely loves it. Now she can kick and throw it (well she can do that with a lot of other things).

Soccer time calls for outdoor fun! And she loves the great outdoors.

5. High chair

Baby in a high chair

This has become our absolute calming tool. And luckily she loves it now. As a result, she can sit there quietly with a book and pen, snack in hand uninterrupted. I never thought that the high chair would be as handy as it has proven to be.

You can get this foldable high chair for easy feeding.

And it’s good for more than just mealtime. I also use it for time out. Works every time, even if it’s for a minute.

6. Baby bathtub

Who doesn’t love a bit of splish-splashing? They’re safe and not too big, provided you still need to supervise your little one. It also helps to get the non-slip baby support.

This Deluxe Baby Bathtub has gotten me through bath time with little to no hassles. The best thing about it is that your baby can use until they’re about a year and a half. It offers great support from when they’re newborn.

A little tip though; if you have a water lover, leave them in the water to play out and have fun before taking them out. It also works as a soother for bedtime. Bonus!

7. Bouncer

I didn’t know what a bouncer was until I had a baby. Needless to say, it really helped me with the comforting and soothing of my little one. There are safety concerns with bouncers, as with many other baby products. However, if you follow manufacturer guides you should be fine.

The vibrations and rocking motions are quite the stimulant. This Baby Einstein Ocean Adventure Rocker has soothing sounds and lovely toys for adventure and fun. I love that it converts from rocker to toddler chair, which means my little one can use it for a few years.

8. Car seat

This one here is a must and also a legal requirement to travel with a baby. They’re essential for baby safety, to prevent serious injury. Make sure to buy the correct baby seat for your baby’s age and weight.

Follow manufacture instructions for proper installation and harnessing of your baby. Ensure the baby is strapped in properly.

9. Camp cot

I had to get this for the convenience and portability. It’s easy to set up and put away when not in use. I didn’t see a need for a traditional crib. This worked pretty perfectly for me.

A camp cot is also a money and space saver and won’t hurt the little one when they bump themselves against it. Yay!

The kind of cot you get will depend highly on your lifestyle and needs.

10. Nappy rash cream

Every mother fears and most likely knows the horror of nappy rash. If you’ve never experienced it, you are a lucky mommy. My go-to nappy rash cream is Sudocream. It works like a bomb!

I love that it aides most skin ailments such as eczema, minor burns and surface wounds due to its antiseptic properties. It is super gentle and provides the necessary skin protection for my little one.

That’s the 10 things I could not do without. They have made my motherhood journey a little easier. I hope you enjoyed the blog post and will share the love.

Comment below with the baby things you couldn’t live without. Do you think I covered the most basics or left something out? Let me know.

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