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Fun-Filled Home Activities for the Whole Family

Finding fun activities to keep everyone at home entertained is harder than you may think. We’ve all be confined to our homes for what seems like forever. You may find yourself out of ideas of how to keep the kids and yourself entertained.

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Here are fun activities for you to do in the comfort of your home.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t like a nice chilled movie? Pick a child-friendly movie or two to enjoy as a family. Go all out with popcorn, candy and some homemade pizza.

Cement Footprints

Footprints in the sand are easily washed away. However, this activity is a fun way to create lasting memories. Your family footprints can make a beautiful doorstep or garden walkway

Start here with the basics of cementing your footprints.


Karaoke is more about fun than showing off your talent. Make it fun for the little ones by selecting some sing-a-longs they love. Also, take out some classics that you can belt out and have a blast.

I love karaoke and with this portable karaoke machine, you can take the fun along wherever you are.


Cooking and baking as a family is a fun activity to bond over. Involve the kids with making their favourite recipes because they will love it. As a result, the whole house will have a lovely homely fresh-baked cookie aroma.

If your culinary skills need a boost, get yourself this cookbook by Betty Crocker. It had great recipes that are easy to make.

Indoor picnic

Take out that picnic basket and fill it up with some goodies and refreshments. The park may be closed but your backyard isn’t. You can have it indoors or out.

If you don’t have a picnic basket get yourself thisĀ York Picnic Basket that comes with a blanket and outdoor coffee set.

Portrait painting

Take out your Picasso skills with this fun portrait painting activity. Encourage the kids to get their creativity out by drawing themselves. Don’t limit yourselves with just paper and pencil instead, use materials and lots of colours.

Fun Athletics

Go back to the sports ground with some fun games such as egg race, sack race and hoop challenges. Make it more interesting by offering cool prizes for the winners.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are exciting and adventurous and can be done using things you already have at home. Therefore, you can theme the scavenger hunt and make it educational.

Hide some gems along the way to keep the excitement going. Here is a fun Scavenger hunt game that the kids will love.

Indigenous Games

Indigenous games are great for preserving our culture and heritage. They are unique to each country, however, there are similarities in some games.

If your children don’t know any indigenous games, this is the perfect time to teach them and refresh your memory a bit too.

Arts & Crafts

Get artsy with some homemade crafts the kids can get their hand dirty with. Clear up space in the kitchen, get out the paint and glitter and take it away. You can get yourself this Art crafts kit to start out.

Use items found in nature i.e. leaves or petals to make nice seasonal boards. The ideas are endless.

Board Games

This is my favourite on the list, we can go hours with the board games. I absolutely love 30 Seconds. It really brings out the competitor in all of us. It great fun and good for getting in a bit of general knowledge.

I hope these fun activities will keep the family entertained and grow closer than ever.

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