Great Pamper Gifts to get your Loved Ones

A list of pamper gifts that will make you a favourite in anyone’s life. The past year has been hectic and overwhelming, to say the least. Who doesn’t need or like a bit of pampering now and again?

The holiday season can get anyone hopping from store to store looking for that special gift for their loved ones. But it doesn’t have to be.

After a long year, we all deserve a break.

The season to be jolly can quickly turn into a headache. That’s why I created this gift guide to help you pamper your loved ones with gifts they’ll not only use but enjoy.

The holidays should be more about togetherness, family, and making lasting memories. Pamper gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant, they just have to be thoughtful and given with love.

It can get crazy over the holidays and we often don’t take a breather, that’s why taking a breather is so important.

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Now, on to the good stuff…

Pamper Gifts Contents


    Who doesn’t love a good massage? This Back Shoulder and Neck Massager is great for quick rejuvenation during the holidays and when you go back to the office.

    Acupressure Mat

    Acupressure is great to provide relief from tension, pain and stiff muscles. It’s also good for relaxation and fatigue. This Dr Relief Acupressure Mat is like having your own spa and zen zone in the comfort of your home.


    Take a break and relax in a hammock. It’s especially great if you have a nice garden space that’s tranquil. It’s like a vacay right in your backyard.

    This portable double hammock is a hangout space you can live in.

    Kindle Unlimited

    Reading is a great way to break free and unwind. Get your loved ones a Kindle Unlimited Subscription that they can enjoy on any device. The subscription offers unlimited reading and audiobooks.

    Your loved one is guaranteed to enjoy the adventures of this membership.

    Foot Spa

    Yay! Foot rubs are the best. This Aqua Therapy Foot Spa is perfect for just sitting back and relaxing while your feet get some love and attention.

    If you spend most of your time on your feet, this Foot Spa will be the best thing you can ever get!

    Spa gift box

    Nothing says pamper time like a spa date. Bring the sensual spa experience to your home with this amazing spa gift set. Create our own soothing environment to have a great indoor getaway.

    Tea set

    Tea time is a great way to unwind and have a break. This porcelain tea set can be enjoyed with a variety of teas to bring back that extra special touch.

    This set makes for a great tea party!

    Wellness teas

    What’s a tea party without the tea? This Twinings wellness tea comes in a variety pack of 6 amazing, healthy teas. It’s great for any occasion, especially if you just need to unwind.

    For the tea lover, these healthy teas will make the perfect gift and boost their wellbeing.

    Aroma Candles

    Self-care is not complete without an aromatic, energizing candle. This lovely scented candle is relaxing and calming to enjoy in the tub, during yoga, or just to add a lovely scent to your home.

    Bath Salts

    A long hot bath is a perfect way to end your day. Add to that these Pink Himalayan Bath Salts for added relaxation and stress relief.

    Fuzzy Slippers

    Comfy slippers are a great way to just give your feet a break. As a full time working mom, the first thing I do when I walk through the door is take off my shoes.

    Getting Fuzzy Snuggly slippers always bring a smile to my face and a bit of a wiggle to my toes.


    A snug, comfy bathrobe makes any downtime a calming experience. This plush fleece gown is great a gift you can personalize to add a special touch.

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    Bathtub Tray

    Taking long, relaxing baths is easier with a bath tray. You can put all you need on it, without the fear of anything falling into the water.

    The ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray offers much-needed me-time as you sit back, relax, and unwind. You can put your candles, phone and a glass of wine to unwind in style.


    The calming and natural mood-boosting effects of a diffuser cannot be left out of a pamper list. Especially with the stressful year-end rush and festive season looming. Try this great Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set for ultimate wellness.

    Aromatherapy oils

    Essential oils have many health benefits, making them an amazing addition to any self-care routine. They’re good for overall well-being. They offer great benefits of calming and relaxing you, helping with sleep and easing anxiety among others.

    The Gratia Naturals Essential Oil Set makes for a great gift, perfect for any occasion.

    Skin Care Collection

    A skincare regime for vibrant and healthy skin is a great way to feel and look good. Vitamin C Skin Care Collection is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated for a fresh look every day.

    I hope you enjoyed these pamper gifts ideas. They are a great way to self-pamper yourself or your loved one after a long hard day of work.

    Share this with your loved ones as a hint for what to get you😉

    Love Everyday,


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