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How to get moving when you’ve been inactive for a while

If you have been inactive for a while, it can be daunting to start working out and get moving. You can start with small steps and changes to your daily routine.

Inactivity stifles fitness and can be detrimental to your health.

The good thing is that you don’t need the gym or vigorous activity to get started. Just start moving and you’re all set to go.

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Exercise is a remedy for a lot of health issues and diseases. An active lifestyle can prevent diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart disease.

How much activity should you get

To start with, aim for 10 minutes of daily activity. Anything to get moving. Start small and take it from there. Take frequent breaks when you need to.

When you’re used to the activity and are getting fitter, you need at least 30 minutes of low to high impact activity 4-6 times a week. Don’t strain yourself but push your body within a safe level.

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Safety first

When you start with any activity, take safety and precautionary measures first. If you have any underlying health issues or aren’t sure what activity you can do, go to a medical professional before you start.

Be sure to warm up and cool down before and after each workout, no matter how short or the low impact it may have been.

Listen to your body. When you feel too tired, ill or faint, rest. Work at your body’s pace until you’ve been exercising frequently and are getting fitter.


Activities to Get you Started


Walking is almost effortless. But sometimes we take the benefits for granted. Use any opportunity you can to go for a walk. You can park further to the entrance at the mall, take the stairs instead of the lift, walk around the yard in the evening.

You can pick up the pace by brisk walking to get your heart rate up. Taking your dog for a walk is also a great way to get active.

I got this Fitbit Flex 2 to track steps and sleep patterns when I decided to track my fitness levels and start working out. It’s been good to me thus far and it does more than just count steps.


Take up the activity a notch with jogging. It’s a bit more intense than walking but a more moderate form of running. Jogging is good for cardiovascular health.

If you want to improve your overall health without overdoing it, jogging is a great way to take your activity to another level.

When you’ve been walking for a while, you can get complacent and need to intensify your workout without straining your body. Jogging is that step up.


Hiking is a fun way of getting in some exercise. You get to explore and enjoy nature while getting in some activity. You can go with family and friends to make it a memorable experience and bond.

Hiking is good for you. It’s a great stress reliever and a mood booster. Hiking boosts creativity and is a good way to clear your mind.

There’s just something about nature that’s calming and rejuvenating.


I love yoga. It’s a great way to get flexible and grounded in your movement. Yoga is so calming yet energising. It’s a great tool for mindful breathing and mediation.

I use this yoga mat with carrying strap and these resistance bands for my yoga practice.

Yoga is more than just stretching and breathing, it’s about bringing mind and body together.

The benefits of doing yoga range from stress relief, improved posture, backache relief and better digestive processes.

Daily Habits

Try to incorporate intentional activity in your daily tasks. Try side stretching when reaching for stuff or squatting each time you take a sit. It doesn’t have to be complex. Keep it simple.

Once you start, be committed to seeing your journey through. Have an action plan you can stick to. A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment.

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Must-have items

You don’t need much to start moving. Just get up and take it one step at a time.

Water bottle

Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This water bottle is a fun way to get you motivated to drink up the H2O.

Comfortable clothing

You need proper shoes and comfortable clothing that will be long enduring. Get the right fitting clothing for the type of workout you are doing. Make sure you’re comfortable and supported.

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You have taken the first step to a healthier, better you. I’m proud of you. Take it easy and don’t complicate or overthink things. Use your body as your guide.

Exercise can be fun. Start with activities you enjoy and add various forms of exercise to your daily routine. Increase the intensity as you get stronger.

You’ve got this!

Love Everyday,


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