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How to Turn your Morning from Blah to Wow

How do we find balance and harmony in our hectic modern-day lives and turn our mornings from dull to great? If you start your morning in a panic, the rest of the day will be filled with stress and anxiety.

Having a good morning routine is the most important part of your day as it sets the tone for how your day will go. Moreover, you can face the day with energy and vigour by tossing out a few bad habits for better ones.

It benefits you to start the day on a good note.

Here are some great ways to start your day


Make time to be by yourself each morning. Start the day by taking 10-15 minutes to sit in a quiet place to think, be mindful and breathe as this will help set a relaxing tone for your day. Meditation helps you relax and can refresh your body and mind. It can also help reduce anxiety and stress.

Have a daily plan

Plan your day so that your morning is structured. In addition, you wake up feeling like you have a direction and purpose to handle the day ahead. Don’t get tempted to check your phone first thing in the morning.

Go into the day with a plan so that you are not easily distracted by the little things. Set a time during the day or on your commute to check social media and emails because if you don’t, you may find yourself 4 hours later still checking feeds and likes.

Prioritize and schedule by writing things in your daily planner and set timelines for getting things done.

Breakfast is important

To start your day on a good note, having breakfast is important. Eating a healthy breakfast, every day helps you maintain a healthy weight, have more strength and energy, and improves concentration.

However, for some people (myself included), eating in the morning might not be for you. Therefore, listen to your body and eat when you are hungry.

Although breakfast is important and boasts a lot of benefits such as increasing metabolism, it would do you more harm to eat when you are not hungry.  

I try to eat before 9 am but sometimes I skip breakfast and have a more nutritious and filling lunch. A good trick is to have a healthy mid-morning snack, so you don’t deprive your body of the much-needed energy.

Give yourself enough time

Wake up a bit earlier each day so that you are not late and as a result find yourself having to rush around to get ready. In fact, you may end up having extra stress first thing in the morning because you must rush.

Don’t hit the snooze button. Make you sure you give yourself extra time to get done in a relaxed, calm manner.

Wake up gently

Don’t just rush up out bed in the morning as this gets your day started in an anxious state. Try using an alarm clock that uses light instead of sound to wake you up or get an app that can wake you up gently.

I always get a headache if I’m jolted out of sleep. So I value waking gently and easing into my day.


woman stretching

We instinctively stretch in the morning without even realizing how good it is for us. However, you don’t have to spend much time stretching in the morning. Even 30 seconds of stretching can help get your day off to a good start as it helps increase blood flow and makes you feel more energized.

If you do have more time, try doing some yoga for instance. Yoga stretches your body, increases blood flow, and helps you build core strength.

You don’t have to do much or complicate your mornings. Start with small, easy to implement strategies. Hope you have better, wow mornings.

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