11 Essential school supplies
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School Essentials to Help your Child have the Best Year

School is very different from what it was. We are all faced with a new normal of homeschooling and virtual learning. It’s important to have the right school supplies to make the school year a success for your child despite the challenges we may face.

The school programme requires more planning and organization for both parents and children. Therefore, a routine along with the proper environment is vital.

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These school supplies are great to help your child grow in their education whether at home or school.

Studying from home is not easy. There are a lot of distractions from Netflix, lack of motivation, your bed calling you, or just lack of focus. Either way, it can be hard.

Lack of study space and tools can make it even harder.

Here are the school supplies you absolutely need to make your child’s year great!


Having a backpack is a great way to pack your kid’s school supplies in one place. This backpack will also come in very handy when schools reopen.

It’s something great to look forward to. A new backpack for a new school year. A backpack is also better for your back than sling bags, as it distributes the weight evenly.

A backpack can get heavy very quickly with books, stationery, lunch box, etc. So it needs to be durable but also comfortable. One with foam padded straps and a back panel ease the burden of carrying it.

Everyone needs a good fitting backpack that allows for free movement.

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girl carrying school backpack and books

Backpack for Kindergarten

The best backpack for preschoolers is a lightweight durable bag. At their age, they don’t carry a lot of books and supplies so a good fitting bag is great for the little ones.

This Little Kid backpack is a great start to your kids’ schooling. It’s durable and spacious for all they need.

Primary School Backpack

This Unisex Backpack is great for school going kids. It’s durable, lightweight, and spacious. It’s also a comfortable bag with padded shoulder straps and back panelling that won’t strain your child’s back.

Backpack for high School

High schoolers need a sturdy and multipurpose bag. This backpack with a USB charging port is great for any occasion. It’s got a compartment for all their school supplies.

This backpack has a lot of great features to be a favourite.


With the amount of work being done from home, your child will need a proper working space. Having a desk of their own is motivation to get through their activities and scheduled work.

This Kids Study Desk and Chair Set is a great desk that will grow with your child. It’s got adjustable features, bookshelf space, drawers and a nice comfy chair.

Having their own desk can improve their productivity and focus to succeed in tasks, assignments, and exams. It helps promote their independence and responsibility for keeping it neat and clean.

This blog post from Lucy Reyes is a great read for finding the perfect desk for your child.


Every desk needs a chair. Not just any chair but a comfortable chair that will help avoid back pain, irritability and fidgeting from long periods of sitting.

A good chair encourages movement because kids have an active lifestyle. A rigid chair may cause more harm than good for their flexibility. Therefore, it’s crucial to get a chair that allows them to sit in their preferred way, to promote healthy posture.

Get a chair with multiple adjustments and back support. And also allows for movement and relaxation.

You can learn how to sit in a healthy posture.

The wrong chair can give rise to back pain, physical stress, and bad posture. Promote healthy posture and a sense of achievement by getting your child a comfortable chair.

Desk organiser

A neat and tidy desk is conducive to openness and enhances learning ability. This All in One Desk Organizer is great for keeping your desk organized and everything in its place.

That’s why a desk organizer is a must for your child. It will create an order and ensure that you can find what you need where and when you need it.

The desk organizer below is a great crafted environmentally friendly piece to give your desk a homely feel.

Pencil case

Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a pen in a bag full of stuff. A pencil case is the best nifty tool to help organize pens, pencils, and small stationery items.

This pencil case is durable and multi-functional. It works great for home, school and work.


We can’t run or hide away from technology. The world is becoming more digitalized by the day. Working on a tablet is convenient and easier.

With the current situation, online learning has become a necessity. Getting a great tablet is a great way to continue learning from home and accessing learning material.

It also helps with research and virtual lessons. Online study material means less printing and saving on paper.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a great all-purpose tablet for productivity and multimedia usage. It has enough storage for all your school files and entertainment. It also has a kid mode option for parental control on inappropriate content.

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Desk lamp

For obvious reasons, a desk lamp is important for reading and studying. But most importantly is a desk lamp that’s designed for reading on the screen. Because we are on our screens a lot an ideal desk lamp is one designed for screen reading to protect the eyesight.

Desk lamps are ideal for task lightening, reading, writing, studying, computer work and more.

A good desk lamp should offer clear, bright light that’s easy to work under. Also, it should have a focused beam with minimal glare, adjustable design and multilevel brightness.

File set

As much as a lot of work is digital, there is still some form of paperwork that we will have. These Two-Tone Color File Folders are great to keep documents safe and organized.

They have tabs help to find documents easier without having to go through piles of paper before you get the page you’re looking for and a lighter inner to help file correctly.

School Calendar

Having a calendar i’s a great way of keeping track of important dates for assignments, tasks and exams. It’s good to also have a schedule to section off time for school work and other tasks.

A calendar is more important now than ever, with distance learning and homeschooling. Kids need structure. Create a timetable for them so they stay up to date with their work.

Make time for breaks and lunch during the day.

Face masks

This will be the norm for a while. Whether at school or just going on about your day, face masks are a necessity. And the reality is, once schools reopen your child will need a face mask.

Ensure you get a breathable, light material face mask that’s durable and comfortable as they will be wearing it for long periods at a time. You need to have a variety of masks to interchange them.

Lunch bag

A lunch bag is a great way to pack all your child’s snacks and lunch in a convenient way. It’s important to get a durable and insulated lunch bag to keep food fresh.

Having a pre-packed lunch is great to moderate what your child eats and ensures that they have healthier lunch options.

This lunch bag is great for school and outings. It’s durable, multifunctional and easy to carry as well.

Fun Learning corner

Studying in a communal space has negative impacts because other people are moving about and there are a lot of distractions. Studying from your own space allows you to focus and work through your tasks effectively.

Having a dedicated study area and equipment will help keep your books and stationery neat in one place. Improves concentration, as they’re less likely to be studying in bed.

Your child will have a better learning experience in a learning environment that is functional and flexible. You want to create a space that allows for productivity while limiting distractions.

Learning is definitely different, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

With the right tools and learning space, your child can have a great school year.

I hope these essential school supplies will make homeschooling and distance learning easier for you and your kids.

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