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Children’s Toys that Promote Growth & Educational Stimulation

Children learn and develop differently. Most children’s toys have educational and developmental properties, believe it or not. Yes, even the dolls and action figures.

It’s important to expose your child to various forms of play for a different stimulation and to promote gross and motor skills.

Encourage playtime. Kids learn best when they’re having fun. The best part is that playtime can be learning time.

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Why is Play Important

Playtime for kids is important for developing life skills and growth. Puzzles, toys and games are great entertainment but also good for education.

Physical Skills

Motor skills are important for a child’s development. Playing with toys where you grab, touch, throw and feel will help your child’s eye-hand coordination.

Social Skills

Playing a group game helps kids learn how to share and to interact with other kids. It’s important for them to play with other kids so they can have teamwork, co-operation and dealing with challenges.

Communication Skills

Communication is a vital part of child development and will help them as they grow into adults. Reading and roleplay help develop language skills and broaden vocabulary. It helps to play and learn new words while you’re at it.

Cognitive Skills

Toys and games that require concentration and focus help children’s brain development and strengthen their cognitive skills.

Puzzles and games are great for developing problem-solving skills and logical thinking.


Children’s Toys by Age

Babies 0 – 1

This stage of growth and development is crucial. Babies learn a lot in their first year and need a lot of nurturing. I have a blog post about baby milestones in the first year you can read HERE.

Rattles are great for strengthening hand muscles and make a fun sound for babes. This set of 10 has teethers and musical shaped toys full of bright colours. Your baby will love them.

Floor mat toys
These are good for tummy time, fun learning, and kicking about.

One with a mirror is magical for kids to see themselves and get familiar with faces. This one is a mini all-in-one. It has musical features, rattles, lights, and sound.

Squeaky soft blocks with shapes, numbers, letters, and animals are great for learning. These blocks are fun for bath time as well and will teach babies motor skills.

Ring stack
Stacking rings are so much fun. They’re bright and good for eye-hand coordination. The rings are easy for the little one to grab and feel.

Toddlers 2 – 3

Toddlers are more aware of their surroundings now. They have gained more coordination and gross motor skills for basic functions such as, picking up and throwing.

This bright coloured ball is great for outdoor play and exercise. You can add play to any party, at the beach or with friends at home.

It’s a great way to give the kids some time from screen time.

This Rainbow Ball is great for bouncing about, kicking and playing catch.

Shapes are fun to learn. Find objects around you that your little one can identify the shapes to. They will enjoy discovering shapes all around them.

Role-play is important in learning. It teaches kids to interact with their surroundings and to learn language skills.

Spark your child’s imagination and creativity with pretend play that mimics real-life situations. This doctor set is fun for learning about the body and healthy living.

Pre-school Kids 4 – 6

Reading is a good way to develop brain function and engage curiosity in growing kinds.

Storytime is also great to bond with your kids. Get fun books, rhymes and pic stories. You can also share stories from your childhood with them.

This 25 Set Book is a great confidence builder for the beginner reader. Your child will enjoy the independence of reading by themselves and learning new words.

Kids will develop problem-solving skills and patience from putting a puzzle together.

It also helps with identifying objects and shapes. Puzzles are great for memory and eye coordination.

Bring those lessons to life with the 6 Set Puzzle for fun and engagement that lasts for hours.

Playdough is good for strengthening finger muscles which will help your child learn how to write.

This Play-Doh Craft Table Set is perfect to spark creative ideas and creations your child will enjoy making. It comes packed with 8 tubs of doh, cutters, and a nice storage table.

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Types of Children’s Toys

Soft toys

Babies love soft and plush toys, who doesn’t? Remember that big old snuggly Teddy? Yep. We learn how to be gentle and kind by playing with our soft toys. Give your children soft toys to nurture kindness.

Moving toys

Push and pull toys are good for helping children with stability and balance. Moving toys strengthen muscles needed for crawling, standing, and eventually walking.

Books and charts

Books and charts are great for learning new things. Reading is a great form of adventure. It’s great to have charts placed around for kids to see visuals of what they learn.


Blocks are a way kids get to build things and see science at work. It’s good for motor skills, eye-hand coordination and analytical skills.

They are a great way to stimulate creative problem solving and communication skills.

Blocks are also great for teaching kids about structure and processes.

Musical toys

Musical toys help stimulate hearing and children to start making sounds. Your little one will enjoy making different sounds with these fun toys.

Music is a creative outlet that your kids will enjoy.

Wrapping Up

There is a lot children learn from playing

Like everything in life, balance is key. Make sure you focus on all areas of development and make play intentional.

Educational elements of learning don’t have to be boring. Make learning fun with these children’s toys.

Play with your kids while they learn.

Have fun and enjoy your growing child.

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