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Your Baby’s Milestones in the First Year

You are now a parent. Congratulations! What comes next? Caring for a baby can be exhausting. But there are so many exciting milestones to look forward to.

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Baby milestones are only a guide and not set in stone. Children learn skills and develop at their own pace.

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Children need proper developmental experiences and environments. Monitor your little one with the milestones below, and be sure to go to your doctor should you have any concerns.

The first year is vital in laying the foundation for the growth and development of your baby.

Your baby is solely reliant on you for EVERYTHING. You need to know what to do and when to do it so they have the best start to their lives.

0-3 Months

Milestones 0-3 months

Your baby mostly sleeps and drinks milk during the first few months. They are trying to adjust to their new world. This is where she will be absorbing everything around her.

Talk to your baby. They love the sound of your voice. Baby will start making sounds and noises. Smile back when they smile at you.

At three month they will have some personality already and will start holding onto things and exploring with their mouth.

Get your baby soft toys to stimulate coordination. Introduce tummy time with this Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror. Get them a mirror. They will love seeing their face look back at them.

3-6 Months

It has been an adventurous couple of months for the little one. At this stage, they are more independent and more exploratory.

They will start rising on their elbows and rolling on the side. Little leg swings will be fascinating and they will grab their toes. This is how they learn about themselves and their environment.

Bath time will be more fun with splashing about. All these activities aid in motor and sensory skills. They will also be more steady, sitting with support. Movements will get bigger and more frequent.

Teething is also normal during this time. However, don’t fear if there are no pearly whites as yet. My baby had teething symptoms by four months but only had her first just before turning one. Soothe the teething process with this amazing gel teether.

Start reading to her. Get her little books she can explore on her own.

You can get these Milestones plus 2 Templates when you download the printables below

6-9 Months

You will feel like your little one is growing so fast right before your eyes. Just yesterday she was sleeping all day, snuggling and barely moving.

Now they’re finding their way about. They will start moving on their stomach, crawling and shuffling about. They can now sit without support and pick up toys.

Your baby’s babbling will be louder and frequent. This is good for speech development. Your baby has figured the power of crying to get attention. They will use this powerful tool to get just about anything.

This is a great time to introduce nursery rhymes and sing-a-long as the baby is more interactive now. Baby will start pulling themself up.

9-12 Months

By now I’m sure their favourite word is ‘NO’. They are little explorers. The house should be baby proof so it’s safe for them to move around and play about.

They will start standing up and moving along the furniture. They can now wave hi and bye.

Get them stacking blocks, a ball, and fun toys to play with. By the first birthday, they will be able to stand by themself, climb things, and take their first steps.

Yay! It’s the first birthday already and your baby has grown in leaps and bounds.

Remember that all children develop differently. They may acquire certain skills quicker than others. If you have concerns please check in with your doctor.

By 18 months baby should be able to:

1.say more than five words

2. enjoy eye coordination and cuddles

3. follow simple instructions

4. walk

5. see or hear properly

6. point to things, wave, and gesture

Here’s to many more milestones. Enjoy the journey with your little one.

Love, Everyday


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