12 things your baby doesn't need
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12 Things Your Baby Doesn’t Need

There is a lot of baby products on the market that may leave you overwhelmed about what to get and what not to get for your baby. Most of things, your baby doesn’t need.

A lot of the baby items out there are nice to have, and I’d probably get them to make my life easier.

On the other hand, a lot of the products do not come cheap, so it’s important to consider the financial implications. Also, consider how long your baby will actually use those items.

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In reality, babies don’t need much. Even though a baby’s needs are simple, your needs may not be. So how do you decide what is worth the cost and what is unnecessary?

12 things your baby doesn’t need

1. Baby shoes

pink baby shoes

Why would you even bother? The only thing baby shoes have going for them is their cuteness. However, they don’t make sense, as babies don’t walk (and shoes are meant for walking). 

Not only does your baby not walk yet, but most baby shoes are uncomfortable and don’t fit well. In essence, you can skip the shoes until the baby starts walking as they are pointless.

2. Baby robe

Sure, they are super cute but oh so unnecessary. I can just picture my little one squirming her way out of it. These are highly impractical and for small babies.

I would suggest getting one when your baby is a little older. I got one when mine was 2 and a half. She loves it!

3. Floor seat

My child will sit on anything really. A nice, big fluffy cushion typically works fine. Although she prefers her rocker which also works as a chair.

You can get your little one this plush cushion seat as an alternative that’s also great for tummy time.

Floor seats are hard and look very uncomfortable. The seat may not get used all that much as the baby will probably only sit still for about a minute.

4. Crib bedding

Can you say expensive? The fancy bedding looks nice in pictures, but they are ridiculous and pose a safety hazard. Bumpers can cause suffocation and choking. Therefore, you can go with just a nice fitted sheet for the mattress.

5. Wipe warmer

Wiper warmer not needed by baby

A lot of people swear by these for babies’ comfort. However my baby did just fine with regular cool wipes, plus there was no hassle when we were out and about and had to use the cool wipes.

It makes more sense for the baby to get acclimatized to things in their natural state, less fuss that way.

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6. Diaper stacker

I certainly did not want a double job of rearranging and packing diapers. They work just fine in a drawer or stacked on the dresser. They were more easily accessible that way.

7. Changing table

A changing table does no good for saving space plus your baby will not be using it for long when they start moving about. Save some money and get a changing pad instead that can be used on a dresser. Most parents change their babies on the floor or on the bed and that works fine.

8. Bassinet

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

I had considered getting one actually. They are beautiful and cute, but not very practical, plus what if the baby doesn’t like it? Another reason I opted not to get one was the fact that the baby would soon outgrow it.

I got a camp cot instead (some also come with bassinets) that can be used for a few years and is more affordable.

9. Hooded bath towel

My baby had two hooded towels, however, she didn’t like the hood part. So, I’d say the normal soft cotton towel will be just fine for your babies. I use them now and are much better, to be honest.

Cute themes and animal print or not, they get the job done. Your baby won’t even care about not being froggy towel dried after a bath.

10. Lots of newborn sized clothing

Your baby doesn't need designer clothng

Babies won’t be in new-born sizes very long. Some babies are born wearing 0-3-month size clothing. It may be fun shopping for new-born clothes, but they will outgrow them quicker than you can say ‘baby’ if they wear them at all.

Save yourself money and get mostly 3-6 month baby clothes. You can always get more if necessary, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with clothes your baby never even wore.

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11. Expensive / Designer clothing

Babies grow so quick and outgrow their clothes just as quick. Designer clothes are lovey but so are normal clothes from your local clothing store.

I had a friend who was heartbroken when her son outgrew a pair of sneakers after only wearing them once. Needless to say, she still keeps them, years later because she couldn’t part with them (they were too expensive).

12. Formula maker

I didn’t even know these existed and until I saw it in the baby catalogue while baby shopping. I just had to shrugglingly laugh it off. I’d really love for someone (anyone) to justify it to me or make it make sense.

I’m all for simplifying life, but this takes it to another level unless there’s a reason out there for this product I could not possibly think of. Please save your money and mix the formula yourself.

Shaking a baby bottle isn’t so hard; it gets the job done and you’ll also get a bit of arm workout.

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That’s about it! Did you get any baby items you never used?

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the list above and hear what items you think are a must and which ones are a total waste to buy for your little one.

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