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Awesome Tips for New Moms that are Helpful

Being a mom comes with its joys and fears, especially for first-time moms. The tips helped me as a new mom to enjoy my baby.

It is not the only baby that is new to the world, but you are also new to the world of motherhood.

There is no need to fear as there is no “perfect” mom or baby. Having some tips for new moms to get you through will help a lot.

The ups and downs are learning opportunities: time to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and of course what baby likes and doesn’t like.

It would be nice if there was a mommy guide that fits all mommies and babies, but all everyone is unique.

Are you a new mom? Read the tips below for new moms.

Here are 5 awesome tips to settle into motherhood

Listen to your baby and your gut feeling

As a new mom, you will hear advice from every baby ‘expert’, family member and friends. From how to’s…do’s…don’ts…etc. As a result, you may start doubting yourself and feeling like you are not adequate.

However, don’t let all the advice overwhelm you, being a new mom is overwhelming enough. Not all children are the same. What worked for aunt Suzy’s baby may not work for your baby either.

Take cues from your baby and do what works for you.  It’s ok not to take all the advice given to you.

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Keep it simple

Babies don’t need much, therefore, keep it simple. Be honest, all the fancy baby stuff is more for you than for the baby. Although it’s nice to have baby items that make your life easy, your baby may not even like them. 

Don’t go overboard with the buying, try things out to see what your baby likes and doesn’t like. Babies are not into fusses except when they are making one.

All babies really need are diapers, bottles and cuddles. So, don’t waste your money on fancy dresses or cute jeans or shoes – they live in baby grows and onesies. Make life as easy as possible for yourself.

Take it EASY

Having a new-born is not the time to be worrying about cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. Your body has just gone through A LOT! Nine months is no child’s play.

Take a break. In other words, nap when you can or when baby naps (I so wish I had taken more naps) and accept any and every help you can get. This is about one of the only times when you can actually get away with ‘lazying around’.

Before you know it, you’ll be running and chasing after your little one.


Get into a bedtime routine

My baby didn’t sleep at the same time every night, none the less I did a few things to transition her into night time, such as turning off (dimming) the lights. As a result, we both slept well and I was more rested the next day even after the night duties.

You can also help your baby fall asleep on their own. For example, you can sing and cuddle them after a bath. Also, put the baby down before they fall asleep but already drowsy.

Another thing that helps is to not feed or rock baby to get them to sleep as they will depend on this to go to sleep every time.

Take care of yourself

Easier said than done with a new little being totally dependent on you. However, it’s the most important part of actually enjoying motherhood as you can’t fully enjoy it if you are exhausted and under the weather.

Your little one needs you to be well taken care of for them to be well cared for. Eat well (you can keep a stock of pre-cooked frozen meals, there won’t be much time for cooking) and keep hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Don’t neglect yourself or feel guilty for spoiling yourself either. A nice pamper session will do you a whole lot of good.

Cherish the moments, dirty diapers and all and do the best you can do. It’s so easy to fall into mommy mode with the routine, do’s and don’ts that we miss the little special moments that pass by way too quick.

I hope you will enjoy your journey of motherhood and take in every moment with your little one.

Please comment below with any tips you may have for new moms and let me know if any of the listed ones helped you out.

Love, Everyday


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