10 Healthy Habits of Happy Couples

Maintaining good relationships does not come easy. As a result, relationships require work. In this post, I share 10 habits for happy couples. Habits can have a powerful impact on your relationship, whether positive or negative.

When it comes to having a happy relationship, certain habits can have a powerful and positive impact. It takes daily effort to practice them so that they become second nature to you.  

Happy couples nurture their relationships every day with love and care. Because every couple is different, there’s no real “secret” or “one fits all” to have a happy relationship, but there are things you can do to make it all come more easily.

Try to integrate these habits into your daily life and see how much happier your relationship can be.

1.  Cultivate common interests

After the honeymoon phase dies down, it’s common to realize that you don’t have all that much in common. However, don’t minimize the importance of activities you can do together that you both enjoy. If you don’t have any common interests, develop them.

At the same time, be sure to cultivate interests of your own. It’s natural for different people to have different interests, and of course, you shouldn’t have to do everything with your significant other but having some interests or activities in common can help to strengthen a couple.

If you have a common interest, find out a way to actively participate in it together. Likewise, if you don’t then try out some new things together to try to develop one.

2. Walk holding hands or side-by-side

Rather than one partner lagging or dragging behind the other, happy couples walk comfortably together. Therefore they have a closer bond with each other. You should value time spent with your partner more so than seeing the sights along the way.

Holding hands with your partner will improve your relationship. Besides, it creates a bond that will impact the quality of your relationship significantly. These gestures are signs of commitment and togetherness.

3. Trust and forgive

Every couple has disagreements, it’s how you deal with them that defines your relationship. When you argue, resort to trusting and forgiving rather than distrusting and begrudging.

A lot of the things couples fight about are minor issues that can be dealt with easily. On the other hand, before the yelling and blaming starts, step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

Make your trust in this person and your forgiveness for them your go-to place, rather than suspicion and anger.

4. Don’t be shy with the compliments

Focus more on what your partner does right than what he or she does wrong. If you look for things your partner does wrong or right, you will always find something.

Therefore, choose to focus on the good they do. It all depends on what you want to look for. Happy couples accentuate the positive. For instance, you can tell him or her they look sexy or beautiful.

5. A hug a day…

Hugging in itself can make you happy. Firstly, hugging is universally comforting. It makes us feel good. Secondly, couples who say hello with a hug are healthier and happier.

Couples could benefit a lot from touching each other a bit more. Furthermore, it gives you a sense of security and closeness.

If you want to feel better about yourself, reduce your stress, improve communication, and be happier and healthier, it seems that giving and asking for more hugs is a good place to start.

6. Start the day right

It’s easy to get into a morning routine of waking up, breakfast, work, come home, dinner, watch TV, fall asleep, and start all over again the next day. As a result, this routine will drain your relationship and loosen the connection that you have with your partner.

For example, say I love you” and “Have a good day” every morning. With our busy schedules, it’s even more important to take time in the mornings and reflect with your partner. Establish a habit that is filled with warmth, affection, and care.

This is a great way to buy some patience and tolerance as each partner sets out each day to battle traffic jams, long lines, and other annoyances.

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7. Don’t go to bed angry

Even if you and your partner are fighting, take a break to sincerely say “goodnight” before you sleep. Most importantly, remind him or her that you still want to be in the relationship and that your love is greater than any single upsetting incident.

Make time to talk about your day such as sharing your concerns, your future goals together, and pretty much anything else you want to get off your chests.

Keep communication lines open. That is your special moment where you are spending quality time with each other and are most relaxed.”

8. Check on each other during the day

Call your partner to check up on them and find out how their day is going. This is a great way to know what to expect when you get home. For instance, if your partner is having an awful day, you will be more empathetic and willing to just be there for them.

It would be insensitive to expect him or her to be enthusiastic about something good that happened to you, if they had a bad day.

In return, you can work at cheering them up and then share your day. Knowing that your day went well will likely lighten up the mood.

9. A little bit of PDA

Be proud to be seen with your partner. Happy couples are pleased to be seen together and are often in affectionate contact — hand on hand or hand on the shoulder.

It is not showing off but rather just saying that you belong together and are happily in love. Consider your environment and be appropriate.

10. Do chores together

Share responsibilities. Couples who do chores together are happier and fight less. Make it a bonding activity, where you share the work. Moreover, it makes for a better sex life too.

Teamwork does make the dream work. Working together leaves time to do other things together.

You may find that you are not completely in tune with all the points listed above, and that’s ok. But it’s important to try and incorporate a few of these daily. I still struggle with PDA, but do well with walks.

Please leave a comment and share some your happy couple habits.

Happy Coupling.

Love, Everyday



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