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Get your mind right: It’s all in the Mind

I’ve often heard that ‘you are what you think’ and wondered how true it really is. I believe you need to get your mind right. I sometimes need a reminder. Don’t we all?

We are the sum of our thoughts, values, beliefs and principles. At our very core lies the makeup of life in all its aspects. The physical meets the mental, emotional and spiritual elements of our lives.

The universe works in mysterious ways to bring all things in alignment. Everything starts in the mind. A thought can trickle into words and then into action and then turn into habits that ultimately build our character.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.


Positive mindset

The character is built by what we feed the mind. Therefore, it is vital to have a positive healthy mind. Have you ever thought to yourself “how stupid can I be” or “it’s no use trying”, only to feel utterly shattered and disappointed in yourself to a point where nothing matters anymore?

Have you realized that how we treat ourselves is the way we perceive ourselves to be? If you think you are stupid, that is how you will treat yourself. Therefore, work to get your mind right. Even when you have a bad thought, speak something good.

Negative thoughts can destroy our person-hood and morale. As a result, it is very easy to develop an unhealthy mindset in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It can be hard to develop a positive mindset. However, we can start by replacing the negative with that which makes us happy or brings some form of contentment in our lives. The secret is to replace bad habits with good ones.


Mediation is a practice of mindful awareness and onesess with self and surrounds. It takes practice to fully benfit from mediatation. But the rewards are priceless.

Meditation is good for relieving stress and boosting our mood. It is about living in the present moment to enjoy life as it is.

Find a quiet place where you sit comfortably and breathe and align. Your mind may wander and you might not be able to focus when you first start out. That’s normal.

Try to breathe it all in and out and be aware of the activity in your mind. It will get easier with time. You will learn to focus and truly find calm.

Brain food

You can boost your brain and memory by eating the right foods. Your brain is the control center of your body. Just like a CPU is to a computer.

It’s vital to keep your brain in tip top shape. The foods you eat play a major role in brain functionality, memory and concentration.

Brain foods you need:

Fatty fish, high in omega 3

Berries have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants

Leafy green vegetables are a source of vitamin k,

Seeds are a great source of iron, magnesium and zinc

Nuts have healthy fats and vitamin E

There are many more foods that can aid i your brain health. Try to include as many of them into your diet.

Fill up on inspiration

Read motivational books and listen to inspiring podcasts for your dose of inspiration. Finding a source of inspiration can be hard, but when you pay attention you will find it.

Nature is full of inspiration. Take a walk and take a look at the trees, birds ad beauty of nature. You are sure to find some inspiration.

Try something new. Be spontaneous ad see where it leads.

Take a break. It’s OK. The world is not going anywhere. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it often isn’t worth it. Getting your mind right is a journey.

You are smart, powerful, able, and most importantly, you are ENOUGH!

Love, Everyday


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