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Life Lessons: 27 things I’ve Learnt in my Life Part 2

Life has many lessons to offer us. I have had my fair share in this life and will still learn many more. If you are struggling with coming to terms to some challenges you may face, take some courage in knowing that challenges are an opportunity for growth.

I hope you enjoyed part one and that the life lessons I shared somehow resonated with you. We will start where we left off. So, here it goes.

14. It’s never too late

There is always hope. Even when you don’t feel there is. You can always make things right when the opportunity presents itself. The time to make a change is the moment you realize that you messed up.

Ego and pride have no place in making amends. Some things can’t be fixed, but you can start on a clean slate. Sometimes things need to be broken to be rebuilt.

Admit. Acknowledge. Accept.

Start where you are. No matter how old you are or how bad things are. Learn from the lessons life has to offers. It is never too late.

15. Baby changes Everything

Motherhood has taught me a lot. From the moment you are pregnant or awaiting your baby, things are never quite the same. Your body changes and your plans take a whole new coarse. But it doesn’t have to be for the worst.

You can’t plan out the process of parenting to the tee. There is always something that will change or not go according to plan. The reality is that there is now a LIFE solely dependant on you. How scary is that?

Choose to make the best of the changes that are looming. You will enjoy the journey and learn more about yourself and just how great you are.

16. Google is the Bomb

If you don’t Google, I don’t know where to start. But it is the mother of all search engines. I am the self-proclaimed queen of Google. It is my go-to for almost everything. Seriously.

I learn so much from Google it’s unbelievable. Well, it’s really from other sites I find on Google. You probably googled my blog as you read this.

Google is great for a lot of things but can also be misleading if you don’t do your due diligence. Google is not a doctor for one, or a builder or teacher. It will make life easier but always verify what you get on the net.

Like everything in life, what works for someone else might not work for you. So it’s advisable to get professional help where necessary.

17. You are your only Competition

Life is not a competition or race against others or the world. You need to pace yourself and run in your own lane. The best you can be is authentic to yourself. Don’t measure yourself against what others are doing or have going on for them.

I used to struggle with comparing myself and my achievements to those of others. Every time I measured my goals against others, I failed. And I couldn’t understand why. Life has different lessons for us all.

The reason you may not be moving towards your goals is that you are consumed with other people’s race. The only person you can improve on is YOU. You need to come to a point where you understand that every time you try to be something you are not you are robbing yourself of being the best you, you can be.

A little competitiveness is not bad. Use it as fuel to motivate you and help your productivity.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

― Tony Robbins

18. Live for Today

Today is all you have guaranteed. It is said that you must plan like you have eternity to live for and live like today is your last day. This simply means to live in the moment.

Acknowledge all that you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Living for today means making a conscious, deliberate decision to take ownership of your own happiness. Happiness comes from within. Intrinsic happiness cannot be subjected to external circumstances.

Living for the past or future will only rob you of all today has to offer.

19. Put yourself first

If you don’t put yourself first, who will? We often put others first at the expense of our own happiness. Being selfish with yourself does not make you a bad person.

You can’t pour out from an empty cup or give what you don’t have. You need to fill yourself up and have an overflow in order to give your best.

Prioritize alone time to refuel and do the things that you love.

20. Have an attitude for Gratitude

Being grateful for all that you have and all that surrounds you is practising the law of attraction. Fostering an attitude of gratitude boasts many benefits. Moreover, you will feel good about yourself.

You will be better suited to dealing with what life throws at you when you have an attitude for gratitude.

You attract whatever you focus most on.

I have a gratitude journal app to motivate me to write what I’m grateful for. You can use this Journal Guide to help you get started, you can save the pdf to go back to later.

We often forget how much we have to be thankful for, therefore we need to practice gratitude daily. There is always something to be grateful for. Start with even the smallest of things that you may take for granted.

21. You can choose your family

It is said that you can’t choose your family. However, I believe you can. While you can’t change your DNA or bloodline you can choose the relationships you want to nurture and the people you surround yourself with.

This does not mean you hate anyone, but sometimes it’s better not to have certain people in your circle. Friends can be your family, colleagues and eventually your spouse and kids become family.

For me, the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’ purely means a bond sealed by love. Whether it’s biological family or not. The emotional bond is sometimes stronger than DNA.

Family is about who has your back. It’s about those who care for you. The people who know the good, the bad and the ugly and love you anyway.

22. Everything happens for a reason

I’m sure you’ve found yourself asking ‘why me?’, haven’t we all. When you’re going through the motions it’s hard not to feel sorry for yourself. However, whether its positive or negative everything happens for a reason.

Hard times come by to teach you, strengthen you or make you a better person. When faced with hard times or situations, think of the lesson behind the trial and how you can grow from it.

It’s like baking a cake. Alone, none of the ingredients makes much or is even edible, but mixed together and put in some heat they bring out sweet perfection.

Trust the process. Sometimes you need to face the heat to come out stronger and better.

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23. Ask and you Shall receive

How can you receive that which you have not asked for? The universe is waiting for your voice. Put something out there and you will get a response.

We sometimes lose our blessings because we don’t ask. When we do ask, we are impatient or expect to get what we want in exactly the way we imagined it.

Sometimes our requests come packaged in unexpected wrapping. Look beyond what you see, try to see the opportunity to expand beyond what is.

Believe in what you ask. Believe you have already received it and you will get it. Align your actions with your beliefs.

24. Energy is contagious

Everything is energy. Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Everything vibrates at a certain frequency and gives off a certain energy.

We are like antennas, constantly receiving and emitting the frequency of particular energies. One question you ask yourself is, would I like to receive the energy I give off?

The energy you give off and that you allow in is like that of a ripple effect caused by a pebble in the water. Make it a positive vibes only zone.

25. Value Kindness

Being kind is a decision. We face a lot of ills in the world that could make us cold towards others and closed off. Kindness is a value to be cherished and practised, especially when there is no reason to be kind.

Being kind is not easy, but it’s worth your peace of mind. Kindness can end a lot of ills in the world. It teaches us to be thoughtful and considerate of others.

While kindness can be mistaken for weakness, it embodies courage and strength. It shows an awareness for the needs of others and the willingness to help wholeheartedly.

Kindness is interpersonal. It’s not just about others. Are you kind to yourself? It’s easy to be harsh and brutal with yourself. Be more gentle and treat yourself with the kindness you deserve.

26. Celebrate life

In life, you write your own script. You ultimately live the life you choose. You determine how your life will turn out. When faced with tough circumstances that may have been out of your control, you still have a choice to turn it around.

Celebrate how far you’ve come from where you have been in the past. Take pride in your achievements, no matter how small or big. Be your own cheerleader and make the best of what you have going for you.

Here are 5 things holding you back from living your best life. Share your lessons and live a joyous life.

27. Spirituality is a Life Saver

We are fundamentally spiritual beings. Most of my life lessons encompass spiritual values. I have gone through dark times where I’ve been saved by going back to my spiritual roots.

Spirituality means different things to different people. But it resonates with everyone in that we all search for meaning in life. We are all in need of a deeper connection in life and with a higher power.

While spirituality is not a religion, it does have some overlapping traits. Spirituality is broad. I nourish my spiritual life by prayer, reading the Bible and meditation.

That’s it from me. Life is an endless journey with multiple destinations. I love life. I love learning and growing. While I have taken a lot of wrong turns in life, I have learnt through them all and became a better person.

I hope you will draw some inspiration through my life lessons.

Love, Everyday


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