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Baby and I: Mommy Diaries

Baby baby baby… Motherhood is the most wonderful and fulfilling experience in the world. It is also the most nerve-wracking and insecure experience I’ve been through.  

OK, so I’m a new mom of an eleven-month baby girl, who is my pride and joy. What life was before she arrived is now a distant memory. The way kids can take over your life in all ways is amazing to me. I have learnt a lot in this mommy journey; all 20 months (including those 9 months in the belly) of it. 

My fears

Oh! Wow! Its been 11 months already…I sure am glad I’ve made it this far. My (and probably all mothers out there) fear of being a mom was that I won’t be a good mom. Furthermore, I didn’t think I’d love my baby or have that motherly instinct and bond, etc.

However, I’m glad all the motherhood posts and advice really panned out. It is not as bad as it may seem. I love motherhood. Sleepless nights and all. It is one experience that I would not trade in for anything in the world.

Watching a life come out of you (literally) and growing right in front of you is nothing short of a miracle. My LO will be a year old in about 3 weeks and it has been a wonder watching her grow. The first year really is bliss and blunders. There is no ‘how to master motherhood’ guide out there that can prep you enough. Every child and mom are different. So, take time to know your babe and what works or doesn’t.

And joys

I have received all sorts of advice from what/what not to do, “how to’s” to “try this it works wonders”. I appreciated it believe me but it gets too much; so I did what worked for me and just nodded at times even when I didn’t quite get it. It’s ok to make mistakes, you will figure it out. I did.

I am highly blessed to have the sweetest bambino in the world. She is really is a joy. Thank God for that! I probably would not have coped otherwise. I am going to keep it short this time. There will be more baby posts. Soon.

Love, Everyday

Mommy Ntha

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