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The Essence of Life: A Meaningful Life

The Essence of Life

As we know, the essence of life is a concept of time in the different seasons of life. It is made up of space and energy.

“The essence of life is constant growth. Every day, I remind myself to keep moving, to be open to change, to keep enquiring and try to better myself.”

Harry Mavromichalis

As we through the highways and byways of life; one realises that the fast pace life leads to busy louder life. Therefore, it becomes harder to enjoy and bask in the most essential aspects of life.

Love, happiness, fellowship, family, loyalty and most importantly peace make life worth living. Peace is how we get to live in the fullness of our potential.

When life happens

Often the pleasures and comforts of life are attached to material things. This in return is deemed to make life worth living. However, in the pursuit of these things which we believe are the essence of life; we become detached from our innermost being.

We find ourselves sacrificing our happiness just to get by, we compromise our values in the pursuit of wealth, success and all that glitters. As a result, things begin to matter more than relationships and our inner peace.

We take the important things in life and equate them to what we have acquired and accumulated. Titles and material gain have become synonymous to love, happiness and peace. However, if all our material possessions are removed from the equation, what do we have left?

Where we miss it

The noise that arises from the flight of success in the rush hour of the rat race of life, rushing to become something; to become someone, through the attainment of things and titles; has numbed us from the possibility of being content and peaceful outside of these things.

It is the reality of finding peace in what is; of finding yourself in the slow lane while life seemingly passes you by every minute, hour, year in and year out.

It’s important to remember that life is not a race. You’re not in competition with anyone but yourself. To be a better you.

The peace of being at ease even when your peers boast successful careers and seem to be getting ahead in life should keep us moving.

It’s ok to be content with where you are at certain stages of life. The key is not being complacent. Don’t accept a life where you are not fulfilled and find yourself living in the comfort zone.

The struggle

In principle, the higher you go, the colder it gets and the thinner the air becomes. The same analogy applies in the journey of success. It can get very cold and stifling.

It can become lonely up there if the only thing you took with you is your pride and ego, and you left a trail of disappointment, tears and heartache behind you, way down there.

So, it’s important to value the things that matter. Building meaningful relationships and living peaceably with everyone.

It gets difficult to breathe in an atmosphere saturated by competition, entitlement and selfishness; the essence of life can be easily lost.

Facing reality

As one soars the heights of success, one realises that all these things, titles and people that have become part of life is futile without peace and purpose. The void caused by the innate human need for real affection has become a far cry looking at the distance and the bridges burnt and ladders destroyed going up.

Consequently, sleep evades you and peace becomes a figment of your imagination amid all the hustle and bustle.

At times the loss of a loved one is tempestuous in one’s life thus finding peace outside of that loved one seems insufferable. Losing your hard-earned wealth, or job can also be the cause for a very foggy idea of peace. In addition, ill-health and physical ailment also cause the evasion of the reality of peace.

In the event of the demise of your career; the deterioration of health or a relationship; the loss of a loved one; peace becomes a foreign concept to us. Thus it begs the question, how does one find peace amidst the noise in life’s tempests?

Finding Peace

When you come to ‘realise that true peace transcends anything tangible and is not attached to anything conceivable by the human eye. Then one is well on his way to finding inner peace. Peace begins where creation begins, in the mind.

In the dark alleys of being, at the corner of nowhere within the subconscious; where the natural meets the supernatural, that’s where peace begins. Peace amid the noise is a deeply seated and elevated level of consciousness; where the essence of life finds meaning that supersedes all in the world or any form of affection one can be exposed to.

Photo by Erik Ringsmuth on Unsplash

Peace is a state of equilibrium in the mind, that quiet and tranquil haven of the soul which no one can give or take away from you. It is a place where infinite wisdom meets with very limited, carnal intelligence; the Eden of the mind.

That’s where true peace amidst the noise can be found and only you know how to get there.

Religion, science, philosophy, politics have attempted to direct humankind to that quiet place of solitude but have always come short. However, if one can pause just for a moment, sit down, close your eyes and look deep within.

In that darkness in the corridors of the mind, the universe awaits. You only need to listen to that small still voice and go towards the direction it’s calling. That’s where the peace amidst the noise can be found.

“Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” Romans 14:19


Life is vast and composed of many elements, intricate and mind-boggling. In the pursuit of happiness, purpose and peace, we lose sight of the beginning.

We don’t miss Eden because we have big dreams and want to live life to the fullest; we miss it because the journey often becomes the end in and of itself.

Having material possessions, achieving our career goals and establishing meaningful relationships is a part of life that makes it worth living. However, it is vital not to lose sight of living a purpose-driven life.

Having all these things in life without purpose and meaning will leave you with a void that leads you to a never-ending quest of accumulating more. To a place where its never enough and you feel less than what you should.

The peaceful calm amidst the storm can only be achieved by the quality of the time in your life; the space you occupy in that time and the energy you emit, regardless of the season or circumstance.

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The essesence of life

An elevated state of mind edifies, pacifies and fortifies the soul. This results in a profound state of inner peace and finding the essence of life. In other words, there you find the Eden of the mind, where God and man meet.

Love, Everyday


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